Sunday, August 28, 2011


Seriously.  That is all I have to say after the weekend we just had.  

First off, one of my favorite people on the planet came to visit us this weekend w/ her husband and son to help us do some things around the house and hang with me.  That was the good part.  

The other part included, sick kids, a daughter who is cutting a tooth, has a weird hip, a son who was sick w/ a high fever and needs suctioning quite often, then a daughter who got the fever, was whining, crying, only wanted to hang on my leg unless I was holding her, and struggled to be 2 years old most of the weekend. 

We did get a major project done around the house.  Had some great New Orleans Gumbo, and a few beers this weekend. 

Here is to hoping for healthy kids, no more crying, whining and screaming...and a good work week. 


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