Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jeepers !!!

So tonight after dinner I was feeling a little tired after all the Christmas fun so I decided to lay on the couch and watch some recorded episodes of Parenthood.  I was laying there for roughly about 15 minutes and Birk kept asking me for his blue car.  I finally got up and searched high and low for this car...and no luck.  I asked him "well where is your blue car?"  He walked right over to our sub woofer and pointed.  Our sub-woofer as a small whole in the front and when Nick picked it up and moved it we heard what we were afraid of....

About an hour later here is what we had pulled out using hooks we had with tape on the end (my lovely creation cause I couldn't get my fat arm in the stupid hole), and eventually the vacuum.  We blew 2 fuses, got some scrapes on our knees and were a tad irritated.

Not exactly the relaxing evening on the couch that I had planned!  ~~

Good thing those kids are cute!  :-)

Happy 2012!

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