Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cincinnati Trip

Has been cancelled for our follow up on Monday.  With B's double ear infection and the fact that I made the decision to put him back on steroids due to his rapid breathing and extra effort to breathe during the night they decided that he wasn't healthy enough for Monday's appt.  They also decided that it was too dangerous to give him a general for the Scope.

The dilemma for me is that this is our one month post operation appt to determine if everything is still looking good and there are no "tweaks" that need to be made.  So what is more important....the risk of giving him a general or waiting an extra month and there could be some changes that need to be made within his airway.   We have no indication that says there is anything wrong, it is just a comfort that I would have with having them go in there and say "yup, everything still looks good."

I guess time will tell!

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