Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh the joys of 2 (almost 3) year olds ~~

I realize I haven't been the best blogger this week, but let me tell you...It's been a rotten week.

Birk has battled an ear infection and still is having issues with sleeping.  We aren't sure at this point if now it just a routine that we've enabled by going into his room every night.  Last night when he cried out for the third or fourth time he instructed Nick "to lay down next to his bed and sleep."  um???  :-)  We're hoping to get this figured out soon.

We should be traveling today to Cincinnati for our follow up appointment, but due to the fact that he has been sick they decided to cancel.  So I am thankful for a day at home w/ my family.

Addy has been, well ADDY!! The thing I love about Addy is that she is strong willed.  I love that she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to let us know.  However, this is also one of the biggest challenges we have with Addy too.  :-)  I guess we can't have our cake and eat it too...

Nick celebrated his 33rd birthday this week.  On Tuesday night I decided to have a little celebration.  I went to preschool registration, stopped at Hy-Vee and got a cake and make some dinner.  I guess the dinner wasn't the twins' favorite as they both ended up gagging on the noodles and throwing up at the table and then screaming for cake.  Woah!  It was a very blessed and happy birthday for Nick!  :-)

We have been grateful and sad at the same time that this week was B's first official start at daycare.  We had to say goodbye to a very special nurse (he has had 2 VERY special home nurses in his life).  However, now he can be with his sister all the time and hang out w/ his friends at daycare all week long.  :-)

Long story short...not much else has changed in our lives.  Same story...different chaotic day it seems.  I thought I'd send out a few little twin "isms" to share with all of you!  I guess it is these moments that make the others seem TOTALLY WORTH IT!

As we were riding in the car on Friday headed to daycare I wouldn't allow the twins to watch TV so we were listening to the Message on Sirius/XM.

Addy:  "Hey, wait!!  This is a song about Jesus."
Me: "Why yes it is a song about Jesus."
Addy:  "I love songs about Jesus."


Nick and I made the decision to sponsor a little boy from Vietnam while we were at the Winter Jam concert.  We introduced his picture to the twins and now he proudly hangs on our fridge door.

Nick: (pointing to the picture) "Who is that Birk?"
Birk: "My baby brother boy."


Hope you all have a very blessed Christ filled week!  :-)

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