Monday, January 16, 2012


Is not happening a lot around our house for B-man these days.

It is becoming something I'm increasingly more and more worried about.  I am also feeling rather hopeless and uncertain of where to turn.

Anyone reading this who has any advice...I'm all ears.

It started after surgery in that he would wake up at least once a night and cry out.  However, he was easily calmed and would go back to sleep.  Naps were running a lot shorter than usual too, but it didn't seem to be something I had to be nervous about.

However, this past week...and specifically Saturday and Sunday nights it has escalated.  Saturday night he was crying out and talking in his sleep at least every hour and sometimes every 30 minutes.  He would say things like "owie, stop doing that to me."  "Addy fell, I need to help her" and "Yi scares me."  As a parent, this was very heartbreaking to hear.  We don't know what is causing this and we have no way to fix it.

Sunday night has been slightly better, but he is still upset.  The only difference is that I've been giving him tylenol each time he starts one of these episodes and it does seem to calm him.  I wake him 100% by pulling him out of bed and then giving him the medicine.  Then I put him back to bed and for a while he has been ok (so far).  He has ran a fever in the past several days which I read online can cause nightmares.  I've read some on night terrors too...and based on what I'm seeing from him...this isn't that.  I have no reasoning, which means I have no solutions.  I'm exhausted from getting up repeatedly and being worried,  Nick is tired, and more importantly Birk is beyond tired.

My immediate prayer is to God to take this away from my sweet son.

Please release him from whatever is restricting him from rest.  He is fighting a cold and due to the fact that he isn't resting he is struggling to even get over a slight cold that is present.  Please surround him with your grace as whatever is frightening him so much can be made better through you.  Please also provide wisdom to Nick and I as we try and determine what the best options are for Birk at this time.  We want to make the best decision when it comes to how to care for him.  

In Jesus name.  

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