Monday, January 23, 2012

Are you a grown up?

Ok so here is one of my "venting" blogs.

I feel like lately I've been surrounded by adults who are not aware of how to act like a grown up.  They have no manners, they are completely unprofessional and have no respect for those that want to help them.  My initial reaction is just frustration with people like this, but as I poured myself my glass of wine (my relaxation for the day) I started to feel like I shouldn't feel frustrated with these people, but really I should feel sorry that they don't have the kind of upbringing that I did (and that I want for my children).  My children will always know how to be respectful of others (as Nick and I both did).  They will understand that when they are in school, or at work that they MUST respect their authority.  They will know that actions speak louder than words and they will demonstrate goodness with their actions.  They will also know how to be grateful and show your appreciation every chance you can get.

While I may not always be successful in these areas, but this is my vow that I will do everything in my power to instill the kind of manners, respect and love for Christ that my parents gave to me (and Nick's parents gave to him).  Because what i've grown to learn is that in that relationship with Christ is when I really started to learn how respect can be given... even given to those who aren't necessarily giving it back to me.  Those that aren't quite sure of how to be a "grown up" yet...even though their age would say they should be one.

So I will pray.  I will pray for these people that they will soon learn how to grow up and I will pray for patience and acceptance for me.

Ok, now I'm going to finish my wine and check out some Pinterest.  That always tends to make me happy!  ;-)

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  1. nurse and I seriously just had this same conversation!!! I'm with you 100% and hope I can instill the same respect, morals, and attitude into my boys as well! And yes, wine and Pintrest fix about anything ;)