Friday, January 13, 2012


This week has been quite the whirlwind for me!!!

Tuesday Nick left on a work trip for the rest of the week.  While normally this wouldn't be a huge issue I started a new class at work and knew my schedule would be CRAZY!  And I was right.  Tuesday evening I dropped the kids off at a friends house and ran to my church meeting.  WHen I went to pick them back up, I saw Addy was in a new outfit.  I thought maybe they were just playing dress up or something, but come to find out I had forgotten to pack diapers and Addy had an accident.  Thank goodness they had a little girl who had dolls, and doll diapers.  The diaper was so small on was quite funny to see~

Wednesday was uneventful which was a blessing as the storm hit on Thursday.

Thursday we discovered Birk was running a slight fever.  It was a pretty mild low grade fever so we didn't really worry about it.  Around 4pm Marcia called and said "Jenny, I don't think your furnace is working."  In my initial state of panic I rushed home after work and went straight to work.  I messed w/ the thermostat, I checked to see if a fuse had gone out and then headed down to the basement.  I looked at the stupid thing.  I even asking the furnace why it wasn't working?!?  Finally I looked down and saw this little on/off switch.  As I got closer I noticed 2 things.  It was switched to off, and it was about 2 year old height!  Hum!!!  Turns out Addy decided to turn our furnace off when she was playing the basement.  Good grief.

The fever went away in the evening so I thought it was safe to run to the pharmacy and then to play volleyball.  I got to pharmacy and as they were running my insurance card for the prescriptions they told me it was declined.  As I stood there in a state of panic, I was sure what to do.  I told them I would just pay and deal with it later!  A $90 bill later for one medicine and I was on my way to volleyball.

Everything was still good until around 2:30AM.  Birk started to cry and I realized his fever had spiked again and this time it was no longer low grade.  I held him for quite a while, we had some juice, I used cool wash clothes on him and gave Tylenol.  When the Tylenol started to work we decided to go back to bed.  He was a bit upset that I wouldn't jump in his crib with him so I said I would sleep on the floor next to him!  Oh boy, how UNCOMFORTABLE!  After he got back to sleep, he slept ok until about 7am this morning.  I, however, DID NOT!

Due to the fact that his fever has come and gone and he was complaining that his throat hurt we made an appointment.  Turns out he doesn't have strep, but we do need to watch him closely!  Man.  When it rains it pours.

Side not:  the pharmacy called me today and it was actually their error that I had to pay for the prescription.  When we got back from Ohio I had turned in a new prescription for this medicine they had already filled our previous one.  I told them that since we increased the dosage I would need to refill sooner.  Long story didn't know about the dose increase!!!

It's 3:09PM, I came home from work today around 12:00PM and am now at a point where I can lay my head on a pillow and get some sleep...hopefully.  Being up since 2:30AM with a sick little guy takes a toll on a person!

~~~ Thank goodness it is the weekend ~~~

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