Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We have a source

I took Birk back to the doctor today after a weekend of NO sleep, high fevers and lots of nightmares.  Turns out the sweet child has a double ear infection.  The one on his left ear was pretty severe (which explains the constant "owie's" we heard through the night).  They are thinking due to the pain and lack of sleep that is where the dreams are stemming from.  Let's hope.  This poor child just needs sleep and lots of it.

So, I'm home one more day and his first official day at day care has been delayed.  None the less he will get there.  :-)

He is currently sleeping and for what I hope to be A LONG NAP!!!!!

Thanks to all for the prayers you may have sent out way.  We sure hope we have found what is causing all these sleeping issues!

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