Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Prayers for B-man

We have had nothing but great things happen for our sweet boy these past few weeks.  We do have one prayer request for him.  We have been battling some sleep issues since getting back to Iowa.  We are also dealing with what we are feeling are some nightmares for him when he sleeps.  Most nights he will wake up a few times throughout the night and will cry out.  Last night he was thrashing around and even talking in his sleep.  He also had some difficulties with his afternoon nap today.  What we pray for is rest for him.  Obviously, with these dreams and crying fights his sleep is not as good as is should/needs to be.  Please pray for peace for him.  Pray that these dreams cease.  I hate the thought of him having scary or bad dreams and there isn't much I can do to help him!

We have heard that sometimes bad dreams or "night terrors" follow a long sedation or when children have been under some of the drugs that he was on so we are semi-prepared for this.  It is just difficult to watch your sweet boy have to go through this.

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