Saturday, January 7, 2012

If you are a parent

So my new addiction is Pinterest.  There I said I can seek help!  :-)

Seriously.  I love to browse for decorating ideas, cooking ideas, and just see what people are interested in.  What good clean fun!  I managed to "pin" one of those articles that was something like "25 rules If you're a mother of boys" or " 50 rules If you're a father of girls." with advice and tips for raising your kids.  As I was reading them I kept thinking to myself...I bet I could come up with one for our family.  So, here it is!

10 Rules if you're an Ankeny Robertson family of 4 with a Mom, a Dad, and boy/girl twins!
~~~    (Clever, I know).  ~~~

10. Remember that each day is a gift.  Whether you're dealing with a health issue, a sassy little one, 50 loads of laundry, dishes or work....enjoy your time and count your blessings!  You never know what will change from day to day.

9.  The dishes CAN wait until tomorrow.  If you are enjoying time with your family or friends why stop to do the dishes.  The beauty of this is THEY WILL BE THERE LATER~

8.  Kiss and hug any time you can.  (refer back to previous post).  Now I'm not an advocate for PDA's, but make sure that your loved ones know you do love them.  Sometimes words just aren't enough.  Give someone a hug!

7.  Sing songs ABOUT EVERYTHING!  What a fun way to go through life.  Also, use your vibrato voice as much as you can.  Sing about your dinner, your clothes, your toys, and your life.  It really does make the heart much more happier (and it helps those around you who might not be having the best day).

6.  Get down on your belly and play cars.  Use your imagination again.  As adults we just live in the present and reality, and we forget how much fun it is to play pretend.  So, dress up a doll and tell "her story" or have a "big fiery crash" with the cars.  You'll be glad you did.

5.  Have a family movie night.  Make appetizers for dinner that aren't the most nutritious, let the kids have ice cream and popcorn (ok, let everyone have it) and watch a movie together.  What a great memory.

4.  Say YES!  Even if it means that you have an extra mess to clean up, it will be loud, it isn't on your agenda or you just don't want to do it.  If it puts a smile on your child's face (or your husbands or wife's) say YES.  Down the road it won't matter that you had that extra mess, what will matter is that you brought happiness in that moment.

3.  Color.  Draw pictures that tell stories.  Color outside of the lines while you're at it.  Show your kids that you enjoy spending time with them and doing the things that they love to do. What I suspect you will find is that you get quite a bit of enjoyment and relaxation our this activity.  Also, play with play-doh.  Make shapes, mix the colors and let your kids get down and dirty.  You'll thank me for it later!

2.  Make sure to have "me time" and "date night" time.  Kids are our lives, but don't forget who you were before you were a parent and even before you were a couple.  Even if this time is short or rare, savor it when it does arrive.

1.  Praise the one that gave you the gift that is your life.  Praise him when all is great and happiness surrounds you.  Praise him in the storm. Praise him when you are feeling there is no where to turn and your heart is heavy.  For when you praise him everything I've listed previously will be made present to you.

So there you have it!  Not a long list, maybe not even a fun to read list, but it is my life and man I'm pretty happy to be living it!  :-)

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