Friday, April 1, 2011

Bad News

So these past two weeks have been a bit of a challenge. I feel like we've been surrounded with disappointing or very sad news. Old friends, and new friends have been affected, people are moving away and we are saddened by all of this. One thing that has given me a glimmer of hope is the thought of Spring. With Spring comes change and with change comes new life.

With all of this sadness it does have me thinking and praying a lot on Lent. A time of ultimate sacrifice and yet in the end we have HOPE, GRACE, FAITH, and LOVE! We have the unending love of a power so big and strong that sometimes we can't even comprehend it.

My prayer for this season is this ; Dear Heavenly Father, please bring those around me who are suffering a sense of the peace and hope you have given me tonight. Hold them in your arms and remind them of your unending love. Heal their pain in a way that they will come closer to you. In your name I pray! AMEN!

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