Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So this week has brought up back to Ohio for what we are hoping is our final evaluation. We met the pulminologist in clinic yesterday. He was not as positive as he was when we were here in January, but both Nick and I felt that he was like that to maybe protect us from getting our hopes up.

Birk just went into the OR for his procedure. This is such a surreal experience as a parent. Both Nick and I get to be with Birk until he 'falls asleep'. To watch your child go from watching Dora (thank you to the OR nurse for bring her phone with Dora on it) to just sinking into your lap falling into a deep sleep is very strange. In some regards it is heart breaking. I hate that he has to go through this.

We are hoping and PRAYING that it is time. We know that Birk is just as happy and fun with a Trach as he will be with no Trach, but we want a normal life for him. We want him to be able to go places w/ us and we don't have to suction him, we want people to stop looking at him like he is different. Birk is amazing and he has been through so much and we only want the best for him.

So here we are in the waiting room YET again and we again are as hopeful as ever. We know that God is watching over Birk and He has a plan for when this will take place. If it isn't will be some day. I trust in God that He knows what is best and will lead us and this amazing team of doctors in that decision.

I will update when a decision has been made.

With Love,

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