Friday, April 29, 2011

Life is good...

For no particular reason did I feel like that title, other than I'm just feeling truly blessed today. I left work, picked up Addy...came home got Birk and we headed to Gray's Lake for a run. The weather was beautiful (other than some pretty hefty wind gusts), the kids were happy and pointed out all the wonderful sights at Gray's like the following; anyone with a Hawkeye shirt, anyone with a Cyclone shirt, anyone with a hat on, anyone running, anyone w/ a dog, anyone who was a guy, anyone in a stroller, anyone on a bike and then the occasional reminder that there was 'water' near by. I got about 4 miles in and then realized that I just couldn't push the 50 lb stroller against he wind any longer. We loaded up and headed to Aunt Whitney's to play for a while. They ran, played with TT (their cousin) and then we headed home. We got some good Mommy/kid wrestle time in and they just went to bed happy and tired. As I laid each of them down I kissed them and they looked back at me and said 'night Mommy.' It melted my heart and reminds me just how much I LOVE being Birk and Addy's Mommy.

Now I'm sitting here drinking my glass of wine and catching up on the Royal Wedding.

Life is good....

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