Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm not so good at this blogging thing

So I started this blog several months back thinking I would document my children's lives and maybe even a little of my own, but alas....I have not done so well. We have a lot of changes happening in our lives in the coming months so my promise to myself and to anyone else who cares...I'm going to work to update much more often!

First major change is that the twins are now 2. Holy cow what a ride. I am still in complete amazement at those two. The life that they have lead in 2 short years is just amazing. What a testament to God's true blessings for us. They are both talking so much, love to read books and have a wonderful love for Mickey Mouse.

We head back to Ohio for another evaluation for Birk the first week of April. I'm very anxious for this appointment as I'm guessing we might hear if he will have surgery right away of if they want us to wait again. We are so hopeful for him, but year a bit fearful. This little boy is amazing. While having a Trach, he continues to thrive and to be honest if we didn't have to suction him once in a while.. you would never know anything was different. I'm nervous about what set backs he might experience with this surgery...but know the end result will BE TOTALLY WORTH IT. My daily prayer is for God to just hold Birks' hand (along with my Dad) and guide him to this surgery and through this. I know that if Birk can overcome being born SO early, having a Trach, he can do this.

Ok, so I know I could have probably given a much longer more extensive update, but my promise is to write more often so I need to save some things! :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

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