Friday, April 26, 2013

Kindness DOES matter

I had a wonderful lunch today with a friend and one of our many topics was around people and how they treat others. Is it just amazing to me how we, as a society, can still treat people the way that we do. The way that we talk to each other, the words we use, the way we look at each other. It’s no wonder why we have young children with self-worth issues, people in corporate settings who are struggling and we have people who feel the need to conduct such vicious acts like what took place in Boston a few weeks ago. I mean, who are we kidding?

Ok, this is going to get deep …. So consider yourself warned.

Where did Love go? Where did respect go? Do we lead our lives in a way that we can be proud of? That God can be proud of? Do we teach our children what it means to be loved and HOW to love? Do we teach them not to judge, not to call people awful things, not to talk to them in a tone that reflects anger/hatred.
 Do I remember that we are all MORE! In the words of Tenth Avenue North “We are more than the choices that we’ve made, we are more than the sum of our past mistakes, we are more than the problems you create, you’ve been remade! “

Do I teach them to be themselves. To love who they are and who God has created them to be. With God’s love we can be who we are and in that image there is perfection.   In the words of Francesca Battistelli “Cause I got a couple dents in my fender, couple rips in my jeans tried to fit the pieces together, but perfection is my enemy. On my own, I’m so clumsy, but on your shoulders I can see … I’m free to be me.”

So treat each and every person you encounter today with the love that they deserve. For they are walking on this earth the same way that we all are. Searching, reaching and desiring the love of our Great God. “Your love never fails and never gives us … and never runs out on me…. YOUR LOVE……… and I never ever have to be afraid … because this ONE THING REMAINS! “

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