Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Pondering .....

For anyone who knows me its no secret that I love following the Duggar family from Arkansas.  If you aren't sure who they are ... they are the family who have 19 children (and 3 grandchildren).  When I first heard about this family I was actually kind of annoyed.  At the time I really wanted to have a child and just could not understand how one family could just keep having kids....  It just bothered me.  However, in the last year I've started watching their show and now reading the books that this family has written.  My feelings have totally changed.  I'm in awe of their values, beliefs and how they choose to lead their family.  On the plane today back from San Juan I started reading Growing up Duggar, which is written by the 4 oldest Duggar girls.  Their advice for young girls is spot on.  They hit on major topics like; relationship with yourself, with your parents, friends and with the person who you are supposed to spend your life with.  In addition to reading this book I've also finished the books that Jim Bob and Michelle have written.  What I'm taking away from all of this is that I want the relationship with Birk and Addy that this large family has with each other.  I want to teach my children how to fully communicate with Nick and I.  I want it to be totally acceptable for them to share with us, to cry in front of or with us.  To trust us with their hearts and know that we will always be there for them.  But most of all I want to teach them to have a servants heart and to love Jesus more than you love yourself.  This is what life is all about.  It is finding ways to serve others and to bring the joy of Jesus to those that we come into contact with.  To pray for and with others and to be proud and thankful for all that we've been given.  I want to teach Birk that he is a strong man who can be faithful and be the head of a family someday.  I want him to be proud of the God given talents he has been given.  I want to foster those for him and support the decisions that he makes in his life.  I want to teach Addy that she is beautiful inside and out.  It doesn't matter if she has the perfect hair, outfit or hobbies ... it is how she chooses to keep her heart focused on Jesus that really counts.  Its about surrounding yourself with others who have this same mindset.

As I sit here pondering all the fortune I've been given (family, friends, faith).... I'm humbled that on this Mothers Day, I get the gift of being a Mom.  I get to choose to raise my kids serving a mighty God.  They can be anything they want, go anywhere they want and if we as a family put our faith first we can help change lives and teach others what TRUE happiness looks like.

Happy Mothers' Day to all Mother's today.  Many blessings on each day that you travel this journey of motherhood....  You're doing an amazing job (even though its hard sometimes).  Keep your eye on the prize ... children who turn to adults who are beyond amazing.  :-)

God Bless!!!

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