Sunday, March 3, 2013

I miss him....

I realize I likely have a post like this every few months.  I'm sorry about that.

However, tonight, on the eve of my birthday I'm sitting here with the remote in hand, access to the laptop, a delicious glass of wine and my favorite blanket...The one my mom made for me (and my sisters) made for us out of my dad's clothes.  This is one of my favorite blankets to snuggle up with.  I know it sounds weird, but in some ways I feel like it smells like him.   The year that my dad died ... 2010... I received one of the greatest birthday gifts of all time.  On my birthday we were driving to dinner with the twins in the back and my dad called me from his nursing home.  You see, I came from a family who NEVER said "I love you!"  On March 4th, 2010 my dad called me and wished me a happy birthday and said those words that I longed to hear for so many years.  I remember looking over at Nick, who heard me say them back to him and just had tears in my eyes.  I feel like in a way he knew.  He knew he was going to be with Jesus and just wanted me to know how much he loved me.  The thing is, that I wish I would have said it more times than I did.  I wish I would have told him "I LOVE YOU" as often as I could.  Because I did.  I loved him beyond words.  I love my entire family beyond words.

I sure hope my Dad is able to have a nice drink in Heaven to help me ring in 32 years of life....  :-)

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