Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We found out yesterday that one of Birks’ favorite in home nurses passed away. We aren’t quite sure of the details around her death, but just know that around 11AM yesterday she went to be with Jesus. It is so sad for us on a few different levels. One, we never made it a point to get to Indianola and see her again after she moved onto another family and we lost our nursing care. We still have her luggage that she loaned us for a trip a few years ago, and we’re sad for her family! She leaves a daughter who she was very close to and an adorable grandson who had stolen her heart!

Marcia was such a blessing to our family. When we had to keep our family in total seclusion to prepare for surgery she was there to help. She would help us take care of both kids so that we could avoid germs. She loved Birk. She loved Addy too. She was so genuine and caring and truly was in the right line of work. The irony of this situation is that I didn’t want Marcia in our house. When our nurse Nicole got married and moved to Nebraska we were crushed. We were so afraid of who we were going to get in our home. I know God had a hand in that decision. We went from one wonderful nurse to another wonderful nurse whom we also loved very much. I used to love to come home and find Birk sitting at the kitchen table with Marcia while she was charting and he was wearing her reading glasses (upside down) coloring on some charting papers that Marcia would give to him! He just wanted to be near her! Marcia would also play baseball for HOURS on weekdays. I’d get home and she would tell me how her arm actually hurt from catching and throwing the ball so much!

Yesterday I posted something on facebook about how I told Birk that Marcia had gone to Heaven. His reaction is perfect for this type of situation. I wish we all could remember this when we lose someone we love. It’s ok to be sad and grieve, but in the end…. Look what is given to that person. How can we be sad that she is living with her King!

Rest in Peace Marcia Taber. We love you very much!

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