Friday, February 1, 2013

Influential People

Have you ever had someone in your life that has made an enormous impact, but you have never (or can’t figure out how) to tell them? I had a realization yesterday that I have one of those people in my life. It is the kids’ pediatrician.

Here is a little background of my story. When the twins were born the doctors told me that I should do major research about who I was going to have as a pediatrician. It would be important that this doctor knew our history, was willing to work WITH us, and have knowledge of premature children. Uh, OK? How do I go about that??? So I made several (SEVERAL) calls around and found out that a Dr. at Mercy North had a few other preemie kids. So, we decided to go with her. Dr. Rivers was great. She learned our story quick, she was ALWAYS there for us and we just loved her. We saw her the day before Birk has his trache put in. She thought he was fine, and then after Dr. Young sent us to the hospital and the next morning he was trached, she CAME to Mercy to apologize and to see Birks. That is some doctor. Well, Dr. Rivers decided she was going to move back to Minnesota to be closer to her family. So naturally we were upset. How were we going to find someone else? Dr. Rivers had taken a few trips during our time seeing her and we were fortunate enough to get into Dr. Anderson’s schedule (same office, just different pediatrician). We liked him a lot, but knew he was full of patients. Then Dr. Rivers called us and asked if we had found a new pediatrician. When I told her we hadn’t she said, “Well, I was approached by Dr. Anderson and he would like to take on Birks, and Adelyne if you are willing.” I was beyond touched. A doctor WANTED to take on our kids.

Dr. Anderson has since proven to us what an amazing Doctor, father, and just all around great person he is. He was there for us every step of the way as we prepared Birk for surgery. Talking numerous times to Cincinnati Children’s to best understand what we needed to do. He has always been honest with me in regards to every decision we make. And when I saw we make, I mean it. He takes my opinions and my thoughts and we determine the best care for the kids. Man, we are so lucky! What warms my heart is that when he is examining the kids or talking about something, he includes them. Yesterday we were here and he was checking B’s ears (he has had these chronic ear infections the past couple months). Instead of just talking to us, he brings in this children’s book that shows a diagram of the inner ear. He walks ALL 4 of us through this.

Another very unique twist to our story is Dr. Anderson is married to Dr. Fong, who just so happens to be a Neonatologist at Mercy NICU. So, we’ve been blessed to have a husband and wife medical team take care of our kids at some point in their lives.

I hope someday I can tell Dr. Anderson how much the work he does, and the work he does is having a lasting impact on the families he works with. I just love being a witness to anyone who works with kids and who is making a difference in the world.

Thank you Dr. Anderson for being so good to Birk, Addy, Nick and myself.

In the 3 years (almost 4) that we’ve known you …. We’ve been blessed.

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