Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm still waiting on my award ~~

So I read a blog post tonight that totally made my night (and opened my eyes to the fact that I'm not alone in my parenting skills).  I decided to replicate this blog post my own style and truly show all 12 of you reading that I deserve that Mother of the Year award I've been waiting 3 1/2 years for!  :-)

1.  Sometimes I let my kids go a week before giving them a bath.  I usually gauge the need for a bath on either their smell or the amount of grease on my hand after running my fingers through their hair.
2. I have given my kids a cold floppy hot dog for dinner and a bowl with ketchup after a long hard days work and a husband out of town for work.  I was ashamed at the time, but now see this as survival of the fittest.
3.  I will secretly claim that anything is SPICY if I don't want to share it with the kids.  They are not totally turned off to Reeces Pieces and I'm ok with that.
4.  I will lie about having to use the restroom just to go upstairs and lay on my bed and read one article from my weekly magazine.  When I hear a child come running I will yell, "hold on, Mommy's almost done going poopy."  I will go the whole 9 yards with a flush and all.  I will do anything for 5 minutes alone.
5.  I bribe my kids with fruit snacks AND IT WORKS.  Fruit snacks are a better babysitter than the dang Fresh Beat Band.
6.  I read blogs about being creative, doing fun projects or going fun inexpensive places to learn and I take a look at my semi stinky/greasy kids and realize I'm not that creative or fun and just let them keep playing with that old box that is laying in the center of the room.
7.  When my kids want to play in the water/sprinkler I grab a bucket and some rags and tell them to wash my car.  It may seem like child labor to some, but I call it "fun."
8.  If i don't feel like ironing something... I just rewash or re-dry it!!!
9.  I always try to give my kids well rounded meals.  So when I order the pizza I will ask for green peppers on it so they get some vegetables.
10.  There are nights that I will let the kids have ice cream or cookies or chips for dinner.   They aren't going to wither away and those are some of the memories that they will have.

So if there are any moms out there reading this that are struggling with some of the decisions you make OR the steps you take to get a minute alone ...  enjoy it.  You're entitled!

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