Sunday, June 17, 2012

Terrible Two's ... is that a joke?

Anyone who has come within 10 feet of me the last few weeks/month have come to discover that I am NOT A FAN of age 3.  My kids (specifically my daughter) is not handling this age with the most obedience and respect as I would like to think she would, being my child.  Needless to say she is mouthy, loud, smart mouthed, rude, irrational, stubborn, and smart. She has learned how to push every button that I have.  And she pushes them daily it seems.  I feel at such a lose with how to deal with this I have turned to reading articles online, asking other parents (although hate asking anyone who may have known me as a child because it doesn't really help me to get the response "she is her mother's daughter!!!"  :-)  The articles give me great suggestions and I can honestly say I have tried most of them.  Nothing really seems to work. It is now becoming an issue to even go anywhere in public.  In fact we had to leave Church this morning 3 times to deal with "outbursts."  Ugh!  

So tonight my blog is in honor of ALL PARENTS (Father's included .... since it's Father's Day) who have raised and survived the nasty, terrible, unyielding THREE'S!!!!  And to whoever the idiot that coined the phrase, "terrible two's"...  You're a moron.  You have never experience the three's with my children!  

On a positive note we are almost potty trained with Addy (minus going #2).  She loves the praise she gets for going and is doing quite well.  So well, in fact I don't even have to ask her if she has to go.  She just goes herself and LOVES wearing her big girl panties.  Birk, is another story.  I make this promise to my blog friends that I will start working intensely with him.  I will be successful at this.  I will survive these stages, I know it.  There may be far less wine/beer and Bud Light Lime a Rita's in our great city of Ankeny, but I will survive!  :-) 

Happy Father's Day!  

A special shout out to my awesome, hilarious, wildly talented husband.  God could not have created a better partner for me.  I'm humbled to be your wife and love watching how much the kids adore you and how much you love all of us.  You are truly a rock star in my book!  

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