Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What is Mommy's Job

~~According to Addy Grace Robertson ~~

This morning I asked Addy what my job was.  We talked about this for a while and here is the list of things she gave me that outline my job responsibilities as a "Mommy." 

1. "You take the stems off my grapes so I can eat them"
2. "You tell me it's time to go nuh-night"
3.  "You pour my milk into my sippy"
4. "You dump my potty into the toilet"
5. "You brush my hair"
6. "You tell Birky no-no"
7. "You say, please Addy"
8. "You give me a bandaid when I get an owie"
9. "You are silly"

And the final job responsiblity of a Mommy was prompted by me ....

Me: "What about love you and Birk?  Is that part of Mommy's job?"
Addy:  "OH YEAH!  You do love us.  You love us A LOT! Like up to the clouds"

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