Sunday, June 10, 2012

Insane all around!!!

So I'm putting it out here.  We are insane. :-)

I'm admitting to it and hope that I can find encouragement and motivation.   Nick and I are vowing to eat healthier and lose weight.  :-)  Nick's weight loss goal is 17 pounds and mine is 20 pounds roughly although I just want to feel good and wear a smaller size.   We have purchased Insanity and are running most days.  I have really had to dig deep and find a love of treadmill running as it is becoming more challenging to run with 2 three year olds in a stroller.  Plus their sitting tolerance is about point 7 seconds.  We are working on portion control and making healthier choices.

I'm also thinking I'm insane as I've been toying with the idea of selling Norwex cleaning supplies.  I love the concept, love the products and feel like it would be a good chance to get myself out of the house and make a little fun money if I'm good at it!  :-)

So needless to say on this Sunday night ... we are feeling insane.  We are hoping our insane lifestyle is a good thing, however.

Happy Sunday!!

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