Monday, October 24, 2011

Not the exact news we had hoped for

So I took Addy to the Cardiologist today in the hopes that he would tell us her ASD had closed and that we would not have to have open heart surgery.  He did give us this news.  Her ASD has closed to the point that it is not of concern for him any longer.  HOWEVER,  the good news ended there.  She has what we call a PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale).  With a PFO it means that the tissue of this open flap has closed, but it just hasn't sealed shut.  Since it isn't sealed shut there is a risk that blood can move from the right ventricular and can cause some issues.  Apparently 25% of the population have this PFO.  Most have no clue.  This type of defect generally works like a flap valve (according to Cleveland Clinic research).  Under certain conditions the flap will open when there is increased pressure in the chest.  This increased pressure occurs  when people strain while taking a bowel movement, cough or sneeze.  If the pressure during these events is great enough the blood can travel to the other atrium and cause serious problems.  Of these is the risk of heart attach and/or strokes.

Most people who have a PFO have no signs or symptoms.  Most do not even know that this exists until they are much older, or even deceased and have gone through an autopsy.

So, while we had a win with the ASD, my heart is a bit broken and disheartened by our news.  Addy is doing so great and shows NO SIGNS so that is good.  However, it is a struggle for me knowing that at any point (especially when she is much older) that she is at risk and there isn't much they will do now.  I told my mom on the phone, that I would have almost rather been in the population of people who don't know that they (or their children) even have this.

Tomorrow we travel back to the doctor to see if Birk is better and he gives us his green light.  Let's hope that news is totally positive and not the 1/2 positive I got today.

There is one other thing that could put a very positive spin on our week too...I guess we just have to sit and wait.

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