Friday, October 28, 2011

I read somewhere...

...Sometimes God will remove something good from your life to make room for something better. And sometimes she'll take away better to give you her best!

All I can saw is WOW!  It is so amazing to me how God will speak to me in ways that I'm not expecting.  This week has been a bit of a whirlwind for our family.  We didn't get the news we were expecting to get for Addy, Birk was given the semi-green light for surgery and other things just didn't seem to fall into place like we had thought they might.  It is so easy for us (ME) to sit and feel sorry for myself because things are going the way I need them to go.  I have this picture of what my life should look like, my job should be, my kids should be.... and FORTUNATLY none of these are the way that I "think" they should be.

God gives me many blessings.  Some of my blessings come in the form of heartache.  Some come in the form of miracles!  :-)  My devotion for myself today is to keep my eyes open!  Keep watching for these blessings and live in a peace knowing that just because something doesn't work out the way I want/need it to work out....that there is a plan in place and I'm just an instrument of his work!  I am here to serve.   I am here to be faithful and to continue to praise and spread the message of a good God. 

Today I'm going to take my own advice.  I will frequently tell the twins (as they are screaming for more milk, or more crayons or WHATEVER THEY NEED AT THAT POINT...) to "practice your patience." Maybe this quote is God's way of telling me "Jenny, practice you're patience. I 'm working on something GREAT for you!" 

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