Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week Update


This has been a week.

Work has been crazy for me.  I've been in a class and talking all day (which has helped keep me awake, I guess).  :-)

Birk is feeling a bit better.  He is on steroids and antibiotics to help w/ the cough and pneumonia.  It seems to be helping, however causes him to lash out and at times become naughtier than I have ever seen!!  This makes for some frustrating times in our house.  We are constantly trying to remind ourselves it isn't our fun loving, laid back little boy.  It's the steroid boy!  (good thought for a Halloween costume).

Our next months'  plans have really begun to change.  We won't be making it out to visit a lot of people in order to try and keep the twins as healthy as possible!

Halloween update:  Birk has decided to be a pirate (or Thomas thanks to a friend) and Addy will be Tinkerbell.  Pictures to come!

Ok, we're off the pumpkin patch.  We're getting as much 'away' time as we can while he is on antibiotics!!!  :-)

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