Monday, October 3, 2011

What we thought was bad...

Has only gotten worse.

So I mentioned in my last post that Birk was sick most of this weekend (much to everything we've done to prevent this).  He had a small cough and a fever off and on.  We stayed home all weekend and tried to take care of ourselves.  After an 'ok' day we convinced Daddy to take us to get some ice cream.  As we pulled into the parking lot Birk started to couch and it was a bit different than we were used to.  As Nick crawled back to suction we noticed it was a bit red.  He was bleeding through his trach.  We got him home, put some saline down and tried to moisten it as much as possible. It seemed to us to just be a dry couch which had irritated his airway.  Well....the bleeding didn't stop through out the night.  Or today.  Plus during today at one point he spiked another high fever of at its highest 102.9. to the ER Nick and our nurse went (as I was stuck at work with a new class).  Turns out Birk has the beginning stage of pneumonia.  Yikes.  The #1 thing they told us not to get in order for surgery.  We are hopeful that with the fact that we are a little over a month (he will be off steroids soon) and antibiotics in 9 days that they won't mess with our surgery date, but alas that is a strong possibility.

He is doing good tonight, although doped up on steroids, antibiotics and Motrin.  There is still some slight irritation bleeding.  However, far less.

I make the call to Cincinnati Children's Hospital tomorrow to give them the news (the call I'm dreading a bit).  I hope they tell us if he gets better we're ok, but know that they might not tell us that.

We are asking for prayers for our little guy.  We hope he starts to feel better.  His little eyes just break my heart when he is sick.  We pray for good news with his surgery.  If we could just get rid of this Trach we feel like this type of thing won't happen as much... AND we pray for strength.  To hear what we hear.  Whether its good news or not so great news!

I also have a special thank you to give to Nick.  He really came to the rescue of not only me (who again was stuck and work and desperately wanted to be there in the ER) and came to Birk's rescue.  He was ever so  happy to see his dad when he got to Mercy.  Thanks for being an amazing Daddy and always being there for all of us.  You're a true blessing!

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