Friday, April 6, 2012

My kind of Friday night...

For any of you Mom's out there who thought about what kind of mom you would be when you finally were one can relate to this story.  What I knew I wasn't going to be was one who didn't spend time bonding with my kids, playing with them, reading with them...really getting to know them.  I dreamed of being the mom who cooked home cooked means, we only played educational games and was pretty much the June Cleaver of Ankeny.  Well that is taking it a bit far, but here is what tonight had in store.  I worked from home today and took the kids to their 3 year appointment and then we had a visit from a pest company to get rid of these stupid GIANT black spiders we have.  The guy was so great he even let Addy pump the sprayer and help spray (which I should of asked for a discount seeing as one of my 3 year olds was doing the work....).  After naps we braved the crowds at Target to finish our Easter meal purchasing.  We came home and I started to hit my wall....One thing I forgot to mention is both kids were diagnosed w/ Hand, Foot and Mouth disease today.  Last night I spent the majority of the night on Addy's floor as she was struggling to sleep from all the itching and burning.  Hopefully tonight is better.  We went out and spent some precious time on our swing set and made the decision to get pizza.  During dinner the kids drew pictures, Birk pretty much wrote a good portion of the alphabet on paper for us!!  We got home and Nick was so desperate to play a new amp he purchased so the kids and I put our jammies on and came up to watch Tangled in our bed.  They LOVED it to say the least.  They snuggled in so tight and were so loving.  It just made my heart happy.  This is the dream that I used to have.  I would be that Mom, who would say "it's ok that we don't get in bed on time tonight."  "It's ok that we have ice cream for dinner."  "It's ok that you are dirty, for you had fun tonight."  These are the moments that I want them to remember.  I know I will.

So,  today has also brought an overwhelming feeling of sadness for the events that took place many years ago.  For Jesus to give his own life so that I can be saved is beyond words to me.  I'm so humbled by today and have felt the presence of true sacrifice.  I am also blessed beyond measure.  I am blessed to be able to year after year REMEMBER these events, celebrate in the new life that we were all given because Christ gave his own.  Thank you just seems to be meaningless at this point, but it is the only words I THANK YOU!

Easter, at our house, will involve an Easter Egg hunt, Peanut Butter Eggs, and some good family fun, but what our family will also remember is to embrace the Grace that is within all of us because of what happens on Easter Morning.  This is a Grace I want to carry with me each and every day.

Happy Easter to everyone!  May you find the Grace of this most special day.  May you see the true gift that YOU'VE been given.

Praise to the Lord Jesus Christ!

He is almost Risen!

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