Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Top 5... so far

I know it is only April 18th, but I have been really stressing about a few major things lately so I just decided I needed to sit back and really think about what I have loved about this year so far.

* Here is my top 5 *

1.  3 year olds.  While they can be a bit challenging, I also love their imaginations, their laughs, their energy and their love. The hugs they give are pretty amazing too...

2.  People Magazine.  My husband bought me a years subscription for Christmas and it has made Saturday mornings (with a pot of coffee) pretty AMAZING.

3. Diet Mountain Dew fountain pop from Casey's.  When we lived on the south side we did live close to a Casey's, but we live even closer now.  Nick and I take turns driving over there on the weekends for a Fountain dew.  It is glorious, I have to admit.

4.  Running.  I have found some wonderful running paths here in Ankeny and have hit the pavement (so to speak).  I have been getting some really great long runs in which has helped my mental state...given the various stressors in my life.

5.  My faith.  This year has been great, but I've seen my fair share of challenges too.  I need to keep remembering that there is a purpose for each and every person that enters my life, each situation that I'm faced with.  Knowing there is a greater reason for everything just helps me get through the day.

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