Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Poopy Party

So before you are grossed out by the title of this blog, let me assure you I have a story to tell!!

So last week I took the twins in for their 3 year appointment.  The Doctor was asking me about potty training and I let him know it was going "ok."  Addy still wont' go poopy on the potty.  She chooses to hold it.  Anyway, the doctor looks at Addy and here is the dialog that followed:

Dr. A. " Addy, do you like to go to parties?"
A:  "Yeah, I do!"
Dr. A. "Have you ever heard of the poopy party?"
A: "Nope."
Dr. A." Well, its a party for your poopy to go to.  The only way for them to get to the party is through the toilet.  So when you feel the poopy in your tummy you want to run to the toilet and let them head to their party."
*At this point Addy looks at me with her head turned to the side and gave me one of those
           "is this for real" looks.*

Later that day.... I had really been building on this poop party bit.  Asking her often if she had to go, and reminding her to let her poop get to that party.  She kept assuring me she didn't have to go.  A few hours later she comes running up to me with a diaper in hand:
A: "Mom, change my diaper!  I pooped."
Me: "Addy, what about the party for your poopy?"
A: "My poopy didn't want to go to the party." 

The. End. 

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  1. Well...you cant really argue with that logic ;) Maybe that poop was antisocial ;) Good luck Im gonna try that with Jacob!