Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10th … who would have thought!!!

Love this weather…. It’s 78, cool, breezy and slightly overcast! I love the feeling of being able to wear a sweatshirt and flip flops, I love the smell of cooler brisk air, I love days of making chili and watching football all day, and I love that the Holiday season is literally right around the corner. I know I’ve said this before, but living in Iowa is amazing. We get the fortunate opportunity to be able to enjoy all season (extreme seasons they may be), but can look forward and rejoice in the new season to come. It’s days like this that I just sit here and my heart is happy. The weekend is upon me, the weather is wonderful, I get a fun weekend with my husband, kids, friends … and also it’s the State Fair (and let’s be honest …. Who doesn’t love the state fair).

Happy Friday to everyone!

P.S. We are heading back to Cincinnati on August 20th so watch for follow up's on Birk's progress.  We're hoping for all good news!!! 

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