Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kolpin Cousin Weekend

We were fortunate enough to get to have the Kolpin boys for the weekend.  We haven't had the chance to get to spoil them since they lived in North Carolina.  Here are a few shots from our fun weekend ... so far.

At the Newton Speedway. 

Watching the warm ups

The girls at the race. 

The gang at the race. 

Happy birthday Barry! 

Our view from the campsite. 

The took a break from the race to play cars.  

Charlie Kolpin

Charlie and his friend Lexie. 

Waiting for the storm to pass so we can ride the rides at ADVENTURELAND! 

Bumper Cars! 

Kid's ferris wheel. 

The minute we left the park. 

All 4! 

Here are some of the same, but I got this editing software on my phone and messed with some of these.  They turned out pretty cute so I felt like I wanted to share.  

Hope you're weekend was as special as ours has been.  Best news yet, is it isn't over.  We are hitting a baseball game tomorrow afternoon.  Let the spoiling continue!!!  

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