Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Favorites this summer

I know I've done blog posts like this in the past, but with nothing all that much to blog about I've thought I'd publish a few things that have really been some of my favorites this summer!  So without further ado ...

~~ My favorite 2012 Summer FAVORITES ~~

10. Fireworks.  There is something about fireworks that just spells summer.  It means hot summer nights, 4th of July (see another favorite) and BBQ's with families and friends.
9. 4th of July.  I love Independence day.  I love what it represents, I love having a day off, and I also LOVE the activities that happen on that day.  This year was especially fun as the kids love the fireworks, loved sparklers, and had a ton of fun.
8. BBQ's and beer.  How much fun it is to have a burger and a beer and sit in a lawn chair.  Not sure why it brings so much enjoyment to me, but it does.
7. Family that moves back to Iowa.  This brought the chance for me to have my nephews for the whole weekend and SPOIL them rotten!  It was awesome to reconnect with these boys who moved away in 2003.
6. Romantic Comedies! Let's be honest, I love them year round.  However summer always reminds me of fun summer high school & college crushes and how lucky I am to have married Nick.  Someone who will watch these Romantic comedies with me, make fun of me for loving them ... and who will remind me why I don't enjoy the typical type of romance these movies provide.
5. Cabins. Boats. Weekend at lake houses with great friends.  Need I say more?
4. Diet Mt. Dew and UV Cherry Vodka & Bud Light Lime a Rita's.  Again, need I say more.  Best summer drinks ... HANDS. DOWN.
3. Kids week at Grandma and Grandpa's.  While I missed them LIKE CRAZY.  This week we had brought a chance for Nick and I to be a couple again.  To do things we don't get to do.  And a chance to do nothing at times.  Great time spent.  However, we were so glad to see them when they got back home.
2. Swimming on a HOT summer day.  There really isn't anything much more refreshing them jumping in the water (or in our case sliding down our slide into the pool).
1. The Olympics.  I have to admit that I have always loved the Olympics, but this year for sure I was SO MUCH MORE INTO IT!!!!  I am so humbled by these athletes and their abilities.

So there you have it.  I sure hope your summer is going just as great as mine is.

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