Sunday, August 19, 2012


A.k.a....  Cincinnati.

We are back in our old stomping grounds, staying at the Haniford Inn and Suites waiting for Birk Man's scope in the morning.  In a strange way this place feels like home, yet we feel so far away from home.  What I dread about this place is that we've had our fair share of disappointments coming.  Returning home with no changes, or returning home to only wait longer.  So terribly tough.  What I do love is the memories that we had here after our first couple visits.  The things we say (Birk's first MLB game and being on the jumbo tron at the game).  Even though they were terribly challenging at times, I do love each day we spent in the hospital after his surgery.  His recovery and healing had been nothing short of a miracle and for that I give all the glory to God.

So, I sit here tonight not knowing what to expect tomorrow.  From everything we've seen Birk is/has done great!  We see no signs that there is anything wrong.  However, we also know that once they get in there and really "look" at his airway that could be a different story.  We are praying for a great 6 month report tomorrow.  We hope you will join us in that prayer!  We hope to see some of our friends (Dr.'s, nurses) that took such wonderful care of our most special little boy.  We also hope that the lovely 9 hour drive we will make tomorrow will be stress free.  Today's proved to have its moments, but we are grateful that it was only a few times where we thought we'd go bonkers.  We are blessed to have 2 three year olds that do fairly well trapped in a van for 9 straight hours 2 days in a row.  :-(  Thank goodness for DVD players!

I will update the blog once I have a report tomorrow.  To anyone reading, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  If you've followed our journey ...  your support is so felt!

God Bless You!

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