Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sleep ... or lack there of

When I was pregnant I used to get really anxious about how I was going to operate on little to no sleep. See, for anyone who has never had a baby when/if you do beware that it is very common for people (both men and women) to make comments like “oh, get your sleep now.” “You’ll never sleep the same again.” While I knew in my head this was true … statements like this scared me. I just feared because I know how much I love AND NEED my sleep.

Well, I had the kids and for most of you that know … I didn’t sleep for about 3 ½ years (and the kids aren’t even 3 ½ yet). I was up some nights all night long sleeping an hour or less. Then with a child with a trache our sleepless night phase didn’t just go away. We were up suctioning many MANY nights operating on barely any rest. There were some days I’d call my mom and say “I’m not sure I should be behind the wheel.” But the thing is you just do it. You just learn how to operate and survive cause your babies need you. Then that all goes away, they sleep through the night. The Trache comes out. Life should be perfect, right?


Now my kids do great, don’t get me wrong! Except the occasional sleepless night where I end up on their floor, in their bed, holding them while we rock. While I don’t want to trade those moments where I can watch them sleep, rub their bellies or comfort them … I am usually a HURTING UNIT the next day. This is what happened to me last night. Birk either had a rough night or is coming down with something and I ended up in his twin bed with him. Birk is a normal 3 year old boy sleeper too, I must add. He rolls, turns, talks, kicks, punches, snuggles for about 99.9% of the night too. The last time I remember looking at my phone to check the time it was 4:32AM! 4:32AM, I get up at 6:30? I then laid there and in my head debated calling in, working from home …. I didn’t know what I was going to do. When I finally fell asleep … my alarm went off, I decided to get up and get the kids to daycare. I mean, Birk was fine at that point! (Little booger).

Please pray that he is not getting sick. Pray it was just a rough night for our little man. We are making our way to our first family ISU tailgate this weekend, then on to Okoboji for the annual Robertson weekend at Cutty’s. We need a healthy kid or last night isn’t going to be my only rough night!

On a brighter note…I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Enjoy the time together!

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