Monday, August 27, 2012

These are the Days of the Robertson lives

So I have fallen into my slacker mode and not been that great at updating the blog. I’m sorry. I will get better about this. I have actually had more people than I ever expected tell me they not only read our blog, but they are waiting for an update. So I guess I have more than just the 12 followers I once thought.

I want to start by saying THANK YOU to all of you that do read, follow, pray, think good thoughts for our family. Man, we have been so touched. It’s amazing to look back at where we’ve come from, what we’ve been through and say “I survived to tell about it.” After volleyball last week we were “fellowshipping” with a great friend who told us that his wife and he followed our blog religiously as I would send out updates on twins. How much they prayed for us and how worried they were for our family. I can’t honestly tell you just how much that made my heart feel happy. To know how many people out there care and have been a witness to the miracle the twins are. I thank God every day for the blessings we’ve been given, the obstacles we’ve over come and the miracles (in plenty) that I have been fortunate enough to witness/experience. God is good!

Speaking of good … BIRK HAD AN AMAZING VISIT TO CINCINNATI! He did great, and he looked great! We don’t have to go back for a full year. At that time they will take look at his scar (and work to decrease the puffy-ness). They will also begin talking to us about his voice. We don’t have any concerns, just have questions around the volume he has and how raspy his voice is. Truth is that may never get better. But there are some treatments that he might be able to do in order to strengthen the voice. So this is TBD.

The kids have also gone back to their previous daycare. We did not have the most pleasurable experience when we made the move to an Ankeny provider and we made the decision to hold off on preschool it seemed only natural to go back to where we were beyond happy. The kids started today and I have to say, I haven’t had that great of a drop off since we made the switch. Being a daycare provider has got to be one of the most challenging jobs out there and let me tell you, if you find someone to love your kids like you do, treat them good while making sure they are following rules, working on potty training and having fun …. KEEP THEM THERE. It’s worth any amount of drive!!

I still love my new job. I’ve been more engaged in projects lately and starting to really get to know the team and understand the process. It was a tough move as I was so familiar with what I did before. I knew my job, I knew the team I knew it all. Here I’m just the newbie. I think this was the perfect move for me. I did make the decision so start selling Norwex products. I have to be honest; I’m not going to the best sales lady as I don’t have the time or energy to do that. However, I love the products; I love the vision of the company so it was perfect for me. So…if anyone is looking to book a party, or buy some stuff or just learn more … let me know! (Promise: that was my only sales plug).

Lastly, I have been looking through some old pictures/messages that I had saved here at work and I came across this letter that I had saved. For anyone who followed our baby homepages blog after the twins were born you may have read this letter. You see, Nick and I would take turns posting things about the babies, or our feelings. This was the first post that Nick posted and just really summed up how we were (both) feeling at about one week into being new time parents. I thought I would end today’s post with this special note. Hope everyone has a great week …



A couple words from Daddy….

What an absolutely amazing/crazy week! There’s a pretty good chance that I went through almost every emotion that the human body is capable of feeling since last Tuesday morning. And I don’t see that stopping anytime soon… But I wanted to take a couple of minutes to share some things that have been on my heart since then.

To Mommy: You need to know just how much I am overwhelmed by your strength and courage to get through everything since we went in to the hospital on Tuesday for those “routine” tests, or so we thought. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that God hand-picked you just for me, because there’s no way I could have gotten through any of this without you. It has been such a ride, and the roller coaster is just getting stated, but I know you’ll continue to be there holding my hand. And you can count on me for the same. One of my life’s greatest joys has been watching you become a mother. You love those two SO MUCH! And just like me, I know you leave a big piece of your heart in that NICU room every time we have to go home. Birk and Addy are so blessed to be able to call you Mom, and to have you to eventually come home to. Just like our nurse yesterday said, this will be the hardest time we will go through as parents. I know if we can make it through this, we’ll make it through anything! Thank you for being my rock, I promise to do my best to be yours. I LOVE YOU!!!

To my tiny miracles Birk and Addy: I’m struggling to find the words that describe the amazing feelings that I am experiencing as a new Daddy. You have introduced me to a deeper love than I have ever known before. The life I had before you two came into this world already seems like a distant memory. I can’t imagine what it would be like without you, and you’re not even a week old yet! This past week has been filled with “firsts”. What some parents get to do in the first 10 minutes with their newborns, it has taken us almost a week to do! While that has certainly been tough to get through, it has been somewhat of a blessing in disguise for me. I have been able to cherish and fully remember each and every first I have experienced with you. Every day I can’t wait to get to your room just to see what we might be able to do next. You are constantly teaching me new lessons in patience and understanding. And the strength and fight that I see in both of you goes far beyond my comprehension. God was there in the beginning, and He is there now. Because of that, I know that your tiny little bodies will soon be big and strong and full of life. You both mean the world to me and with all my heart I love you!

To our AMAZING family and friends: Our core support system stems directly from all of you! The outpouring of support and love this past week completely blows me away. For the record, I don’t recommend the path we’ve been on to discover just how much you are loved…if you can help it. But when the time came for us, I was overwhelmed and continue to be every single day. This website has been such a blessing to us. Jenny has done an amazing job with the continuous updates, and I know that will continue as many of you have told us that you come here to follow along with the twins’ progress. We have heard from so many people this past week. We have received comments and love from close family and friends, and then friends that we haven’t talked to in some time, and even friends from past parts of our lives! I’m sorry it took something like this for us to reconnect but again, so good to hear from so many! It’s been such a whirlwind, starting with last Tuesday. Family immediately cancelled things and rearranged their lives to be here. Friends brought things to the hospital for us. Many sent flowers. Others moved vehicles left in the Principal parking ramp. One even cancelled a trip just in case we needed anything! So many came by to visit and see both us and the babies. We got so many call, emails, comments, text messages, voicemails, etc. We ended up on prayer chains all across Iowan, and out of state in Omaha among others! So many of you have remembered us in your thoughts and in your prayers. You all need to know how much of an inspiration you’ve been to us, and the amount of gratitude that is in our hearts for all that you have done. We love you all!!

Finally, to God: Though it is sometimes tough to remember, I know in my heart of hearts that the whole time this past week you were saying, “Go ahead and fall, I will catch you.” I know that the only way to find the light at the end of the tunnel is through You. And that my hand will be held all the way through what has been the most trying event in my life. I will never forget that You are the miracle behind us having our babies, in so many ways. We have heard things this past week like “just in the nick of time” and “how lucky we are that we went in when we did.” While I think the luck of the Irish was on our side on March 17th, I know that because of Your plan, we have two beautiful children doing as well as we could hope for right now. You have heard us, and have heard all others who have lifted us up to You. Thank you SO MUCH! Because of You, I know that the lives that Birk and Addy have here will be a long one. We will ALWAYS love you, so much!

Hopefully you read this at your own risk. I forgot to put any sort of disclaimer at the top! J But I needed to share what has been on my heart. Please keep following along.

Birk and Addy feel your support, and God hears all prayers.

Nick (Daddy)

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