Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pinterest .. ing

I tackled a new Pinterest project this past weekend ... and managed to finish it and be super proud of my work.  Here is what I did with the kids' cribs (as we moved to big kid beds the day they came back from Delhi ~ 

This one is following the sanding, spray painting (by the way..that part hand hurt so bad), and a few mistakes where I tried to stencil a few things only to replace it with chalk board paint at the top).  

Finished product in B's room.  

Beginning stages of Addy's bed.  I ended up just doing the chalkboard paint on hers to be similar. 

Birk is helping paint his "desk" portion.  We had so much fun doing this!!!

Addy is helping paint her bed!  She LOVED every second of this and asks me to paint almost every day. 

The blanket is just to cover up the fact that i haven't finished the covered baskets that I'm working on for under the desks. 

B's room! 

Addy's desk!  Same deal with the blanket. 

Addy's finished product. 

Addy's desk and big girl bed. 

Birks' finished product.

Cheers to being crafty!!!  :-) 

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