Monday, March 26, 2012

Conversation with my 3 year old daughter

So we were driving to the doctor's office this morning as Addy has ANOTHER ear infection and this is the conversation that we had:

Addy:" Mommy, do you have a husband?"
Me: "Yes, honey I do.  It's daddy."
Addy: "Oh, and who is Aunt Jodi's husband?"
Me: "Uncle Greg.  Aunt Julie's husband is Uncle PeeWee, Grandma's husband is Bomba."
Addy:  "What about Woozie's huband?"
Me: "Well, honey Woozie's husband is Bomps and he lives in Heaven with Jesus."
Addy: "Oh, Mommy? 
Me: "Yes?"
Addy: "Do you have a guy?"
Me: "Well, do you mean Daddy?"
Addy: "YES!  Daddy is our special guy.  I sure love him." 
Me: "Well, I love him lots too.  We're pretty lucky to have him, aren't we?"
Addy: "Yeah, and Birky too!" 

Ugh ~~  She is the sweetest (most of the time).

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