Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Almost to the weekend??

I guess that is wishful thinking, right?

I don't have much to blog about tonight, but figured since I was sitting here waiting to start watching the Biggest Loser with Nick I would put a blog out there (I know I haven't been that great about it recently.)

Here are some fun stats on our family (well, fun to me!)

* Birk and Addy are 3 years old.  I know I wrote a blog about their birthday, but I just can't believe they are 3.
* We are actively working on potty training.  Addy has now advanced to the stage of telling me OFTEN that she has to go.  When she wants to go, then Birk follows.  Hopefully we are crossing over and they will be trained SOON...and I'll be done buying diapers.
* Nick and I leave for San Francisco 2 weeks from Thursday.  We are both pretty anxious to get out of dodge for a little while.  It is LONG overdue.
* My nephew is staying with us this week and helping us get a ton of stuff done around the house.  He is the most helpful 20 year old man I. Have. Ever. Met.  My sister and brother in law did good!!!
* I am actively running and training again for my next race.  I'm back up to about 7 miles a day.  (on a good day).  I need running in my life.  I crave it.  It gives me so much time to think, feel, and just work through everything in my life.  I think my family is even in a better place when I'm able to run.
* Nick has decided to compete in a Tough Mudders competition in September in Wisconsin with some work people.  Please pray for him as he starts his journey of preparation (something about climbing through a mud pit and electric shock if you get too high at the end...turned me off).

Again, not too exciting, but a few fun facts for this lovely Tuesday evening.  I'm off to my wine and Biggest Loser.

Peace out.

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