Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Is by far one of the greatest things to do in the evenings during the Spring and Summer months.  Let me pain you a little picture of our evening.  Got home from work, found my family in the basement playing with our cats who returned home after 3 years away (thanks to not having a Trache anymore they can reside in our home again).  We talked a bit, got our running clothes on and headed out for a quick run to the grocery store.  A quick stop at Fareway and we were back on the road.  It was great because the weather was so wonderful, the kids did great in the stroller (while eating their M&M's from Fareway) and we were able to run a total of 4 miles.  We also ran into a good friend of ours who lives in our neighborhood who is battling cancer.  What an inspiration she is to us.  She also looks freaking fabulous...NO HAIR and all!

Hope you're enjoying this wonderful weather too...  What a great time of year!  This is case in point a top reason why I love living in Iowa.  Season changes!

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