Monday, March 12, 2012

3rd month in a ROW

We have a child with an ear infection...and it's Birk.  Man, we just can't seem to escape this.  He started running a fever yesterday and part of me just knew.  Then the real symptoms starting coming out.  His talking in his sleep, restlessness, and high fever.  I stayed home today as Nick is home with them tomorrow and took him to the urgent care clinic at our doctor's office.  The Dr. that saw him (who did know his story) recommended that I make a call to our local ENT and see if I can get in and visit them regarding this and see if we need to be concerned.

Man, I just really thought we would be able to be normal for a while.  :-(

Hopefully tonight's sleep is much more effective for me.

P.S. Our cats are returning tomorrow and one is sick with a possible UTI.  Illness just surrounds me.

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