Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Fun

What. A. Beautiful. Weekend!!!

We spent the majority of the weekend outside playing at the park, having a picnic, meeting new neighbors, and just enjoying all that this weekend had to offer.  The kids have really enjoyed being outside and all that we've done.  Making it fairly challenging to stay inside tonight!   Thought you might enjoy some pictures of the fun that we've been having around out house!!!

All Clean after a fun afternoon!  

Mommy and Daddy at Mommy's birthday celebration!  

The kids know how to work the iPads better than the grown up's in our family! 

Addy saying "I love you" in Sign Language. 

Birk at the park.  Getting ready for a windy day of fun!  

Stopping to take a quick picture before running off for more fun.  (it was all I could do to get her to stop for a picture).

Slide races with Mr. Jeff.  Birk had a "bit" of a head start.  Maybe carrying a slight advantage.  

Although it was super windy....that didn't stop our fun. 

Happy boy! 

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