Thursday, September 15, 2011

Best Friends

Is what Birk and Addy are these days.  Now don't get me wrong they sure have their fair share of fighting, but man oh man they have some good times.  They love to run and chase each other, play house (or in Addy's case just boss Birk around).  They love to sit right next to each other and watch a movie and lately they love to wrestle each other.  This morning as I was getting ready they were wrestling on my bedroom floor and I asked them to stop (in my ever so polite Mommy voice) and Birk looked up at me as he was laying oh his sister pinning her to the ground and said "Mommy, I'm hugging Addy."  I just looked at him and thought to myself ... well how do you argue with that logic?  :-)  Little turd! 

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