Monday, September 12, 2011

I thought of him today

Truth is I think of him every day.  I miss my dad.  He was such an awesome person.  If you ever had the great opportunity to meet him you would know that he didn't really have a lot to say.  But when he counted.  He loved the Hawkeyes, golf, his wife, his kids, a good stiff drink, and most importantly his grandkids.  Man, talk about a man's pride and joy.  I think this is the part that makes me the most sad.  He doesn't get to play catch with crazy man Birk as he learns to throw with (yes this is true) both his right and left hands.  Or when he stands up and asks you to pitch him the ball so he can either swing the bat or kick it mid air.  He can't participate in the make believe drives we take each night to "Chuckie Cheese" with Addy or when she invites us to her self proclaimed "party."  I miss him.  I miss his voice, his laugh, and I miss his silent presence.  I'll never forget that he called me on my 29th birthday (from the nursing home) and ended the call with "I love you."  I'm not sure if he knew the end was near, but he gave me a moment I will cherish FOREVER.  I will never forget his last breath.  The peace that took over his body.

One of my favorite stories and most close to my heart is how I will ask Addy, and now Birk where their Bomps (thanks to Tim for nicknaming him that) is and their innocent response is "he lives with Jesus."  

My post has no other purpose tonight, other than I miss him.  I'm not sure that pain will ever go away.  I do take great joy in knowing that he sits next to Jesus every day.  He is watching over us and waiting until we can all be together again.

I will just wait...and miss him!

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