Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Have you ever....

Tried so hard to keep a child from getting sick?  Do you ever feel like you're running in circles trying to win a NO WIN game?  That's a bit how I'm feeling lately.

Well my ultimate goal over the next 5 weeks or so is to try and not let Birk get sick.  I HAVE to keep him as healthy as possible.  If he gets sick (the sick that he gets where we have to put him on steroids or the poor child gets no sleep) that will set back or surgery date roughly about 3 weeks.  WELL, with a sick nurse (who has been out for the better part of this week), a sister who can't seem to poop and is running fevers and barfing all over me (that was a real cap to a crappy day for me)...I'm about at my whits end.  Then to top it off he got so worried about Addy he just wants to come over and kiss on her, and rub her belly to which I try and get him to go somewhere else so that she isn't breathing down his throat....UGH!

Prayers for healthy kids over the next several weeks are very much appreciated!

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