Thursday, September 1, 2011

We have a date!!!!

Although it isn't what we had hoped for.  Birks surgery will be on November 7th.  With Dr. Cotton's vacation in October and the delay from the scheduling department this was the earliest we could get in.  Which will mean a couple things.  We have more time to prepare to be gone.  I won't need as much coverage at work for an upcoming class and I can even run the DSM marathon which I had debated doing the year I turned 30!  I mean, if Birk can endure the surgery, recovery and learning to breathe and eat again I can surely run 26.2 miles, right? Yikes.

Now we prepare for the surgery.  We have to keep him as healthy as possible.  Any major illness could set up back even further and getting into cold and flu season does have me a bit alarmed.  I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Twin Update!
The twins are for sure in their two's as I have said before.  Addy is very dominant and wants what she wants when she wants it...and if you don't provide that....LOOK OUT!  She is also very motherly and always looking out for her brother.  In fact this morning when I was leaving (Birk was staying home with his nurse today) she was watching Birk who was crying and begging me not to leave and got down to his level and kissed him and said "Its ok Birky, its ok!"  How sweet.
Birk is all boy.  He loves cars, footballs, baseball, cartoons and RUNNING.  That kid could run until his legs fall off if we let him.  Addy loves dollies, pushing them in the stroller, feeding them and rocking them to sleep.  When you ask them who their best friend is, their response is "Birk" or "Addy Grace".  It about melts my heart!  Lets hope that continues in the coming years.
Birk is weighing in at 26 pounds and some odd ounces and Addy is almost 25.  We had our final high risk appt at Mercy this week and found out the twins are developmentally at a 3 year old level.  WOW.  Never thought that would happen.  I mean, we struggled to get them caught up and now they are acting so grown up.  Makes me so proud of who they are and what they are becoming.

So, I feel in love with this song the first time I heard it so I thought I'd share as my TUNE THURSDAY!  I firmly believe God had a plan for me.  It included Nick, BIRK and ADDY!  :-)

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