Monday, September 5, 2011

FABULOUS weekend

Oh man, where do I even start.  We literally had such a fun weekend.  It started on Friday when we invited the neighbors over for some grilling and beers.  We put the kids down and literally sat at the table and laughed and talked for a few hours.  Such fun to get to know the great people we live by.  Saturday we spent the day in Ames.  Now, for those of you that know me and know me well I AM A HAWKEYE.  I always will be a HAWKEYE, however it doesn't make it very easy for me to spend my Saturdays in Iowa City and Nick in Ames (especially with 2 little ones) so we are going to try this out.  I do have to say tailgating in Ames was fun.  The kids had an absolute blast.  We ate crap, we played football, we took our naps, we drank beer (well, I did), and the best part was our family got to hitch a ride on the firetruck that leads the Spirit walk.  If you don't know what the spirit walk is...its the drive in where the players enter on their buses, bet off and make their way to Jack Trice for the game.  At one point on our firetruck ride, CY (or YI) jumped on and we were right there by him.  Nick and Birk just stared at him like it was the best thing on the planet, while Addy screamed her head off in fear.  The twins and I stayed until game time and loaded in our van and made the 13 minute ride back to our house.  We ate some dinner, played, and went to bed.
We got up Sunday morning and made the drive up to our annual Robertson/Rebhuhn family reunion in Okoboji.  The twins have been talking all week about going to Okoboji and it was finally here.  We promised them fun...and we DELIVERED!  Sunday and today were spent doing the following (and nothing short of), riding bikes, kicking the giant red ball, playing volleyball, playing at the park, swinging, shuffleboard, baseball, running around the basketball court, eating hot dogs, playing with cousins and MANY more fun moments!  It is a challenge to take the twins up there and try to cram into such a small space, but to see the amount of fun they had made it worth it.  If it paints any picture of our weekend Addy didn't even make it out of the parking lot of the cabin before she was asleep on our drive home and slept almost the whole way home!  :-)  (she woke up for some chicken nuggets and fries and was back out).

The low point of the weekend came tonight.  I came home from my run to find Addy yelling that Birk had an 'owie'.  He had fallen off a chair and had a pretty nice sized cut on his head. We called the Mercy Nurse who advised us that we should make our way to the ER.  SO, we loaded up around 7pm and headed in.  Turns out it was already in the process of healing so stitches were not needed, but we were glad we made our way in to check.  We got home about 8:30 (and had yet to eat dinner) so I gave the kids some cheese and grapes ( I know, I know MOTHER OF THE YEAR).  They went straight to bed and are sleeping soundly!  :-)

I sure hope they remember weekends like this as they get older.  I know this one will go down in my record book as A+!

(side note: there is also a Friends marathon on TV could this girl get any luckier?)

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