Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Week -- Day 4

~~   When your mother asks, "Do you want a piece of advice?" it is a mere formality. It doesn't matter if you answer yes or no. You're going to get it anyway. ~~

                                                                                                                             Erma Bombeck

The learning that comes with being a mom! 

I mean let's be straight here.  I did not know WHAT THE CRAP I WAS DOING when I became a mom.  I had no idea what it was going to take for me to operate on no sleep, cold food at meals, whiny kids, medical issues, lack of "me" time, limited running time OR having to push a double load of kids around if I wanted to run, and what I was going to do with all the love in my heart for these two.  What I discovered was, you just figure it out.  I know people say this and hear this phrase all the time, but it is true that kids do not come with an owners manual.  When a little light goes off in their dashboard (a sore throat, tears etc), there is no book that tells you to change their oil.  You just know.  You trust your instincts on what needs to be done, and even better you rely on those women in your life who have traveled down the motherhood path.  I've been so blessed to be surrounded by some pretty incredible mothers.  I wanted to devote this blog today to some of those women! 

First off is my sisters!  Jodi and Julie.  I've been able to watch them be the greatest mothers to my nephews and niece and let me tell you, it has been a remarkable experience.  What I love, is now watching how my oldest nephews and neice have become amazing adults.  My sister Jodi, has taught them the importance of education, religion, friendship, family and love.  I just love watching how this relationship has now turned into a friendship!  I can only hope someday Birk and Addy will want to be my friends!  For Julie's boys I love the energy that comes with this family,  the way they still look at their mom as "cool" and the hilarious stories that come out of their mouths. I love that they play in the dirt, they wrestle and enjoy their time as kids!  Other valuable "mom" lessons that I've learned from both of them include, don't ever let your dreams die.  You can do matter what your age is, no matter what the circumstances are!  I've learned that friendship is essential....even in adult life. 
My cousin Kim.  She became a mom, when I desperatly wanted to become a mom.  She taught me something I don't even think she knew she was teaching me.  Patience.  Becoming a mom happens when it is supposed to happen and when you are lucky enough to be blessed with the responsiblity.  Through Kim I was able to watch my best friend take on this job and watch this little boy grow into the wonderful little man he is today.  Through this journey I also was able to see the importance of having a good "Daddy" is for young children and just how much a child can love that person! 
My mother in law!  I have been so beyond blessed to join a family that is pretty awesome.  What I didn't know I was getting into was a family that surrounds EVERYTHING they do with love.  First and foremost I have to say my mother in law raised some pretty awesome kids.  That is an accomplishment worth mentioning.  I'm thankful to her for raising my husband to be the wonderful man, friend, and father he is.  I see in all her kids the values that have been instilled in them.  This is so great, in my eyes.  The fact that it is ok to give someone a hug, and to constantly tell them how you love them makes me happy!  I forever want my children to know JUST how loved they are! 
Now you may be thinking that I missed a very important person...and you are correct!! I know I've learned the most from my own Mom!  She has taught me, and showed me so much about not only being a Mom, but being a strong woman!  However ... stay tuned for more on this wonderful lady!!!  This one deserves it's own post in this blog series!!!    :-) 
Happy Mother's Day week to the ladies above... and every single Mother!  (or at least to the handful of people reading this!!!)

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