Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Today's post is dedicated to my very special Mom!

I posted a few days ago of some of the women in my life who have helped me become the mom and woman I am today, and I even mentioned that I left off a fairly important person.  I did that for a reason!  I knew I wanted my post today to be all about my mom!  For any of you reading this I thought I'd use this post to describe my favorite things about my mom... and hope that when she reads this she will know how special she is to me, to my husband to my kids!  :-)


For those of you that don't know, my mom's nickname (from her oldest grandson ... and changed some amount subsequent grand kids) is Woozie.  I won't bore you with the cute details of how she got the name, but let me assure you it's a cute story (um... maybe another blog post???).  Anyway, I digress.  To all of us in the family she is Woozie.  Gosh to other people's kids & families, she is Woozie.  It fits her well.  Plus as a benefit it is easy to spell and even my 3 year olds can spell WOO!  So here is a glimpse (and some of my favorite things) about WOOZIE!

1.  Woozie is Generous, with a capital G.  She is ALWAYS willing to lend a helping hand, scrub a floor, fold your laundry, drive to Cincinnati with you (twice), talk on the phone when you need to vent, help you make every curtain in your new house, make your kids cute pajama's ... and I could go on and on.  Her generosity is very humbling.  You see, my mom didn't grow up with much.  She earned EVERYTHING she has and she is always willing to open her door, and her heart to share with others.  What an awesome way to live your life.

2.  Woozie is ... well WOOZIE.  She doesn't care what anyone else thinks of her, how they perceive her or how they feel.  She has always been like this.  I love that.  For a woman to be so comfortable in her own skin and really instill in her daughters that it is ok to be who you are (whether you're athletic, musical, funny, etc).  I love that my mom is proud of where she came from and where she is today.  I just hope that each time I start to feel like I should feel sorry for myself or I don't like something ...  that I remember that I'm who I am ... and I'm proud of it!

3.  Woozie is a great cook (although she denys it).  She makes the best fried pork chops and mashed potatoes in the world.  She has perfected her homemade chocolate cake recipe and makes it for almost all of our family get togethers.  Woozie loves to be around her family .. she loves to watch her grand kids having fun.  You see, our family is crazy.  We're loud, we're strange, but man we love to party.  Between egg rolls, beer, and a lot of kids ~~  we throw one heck of a party!

My mom is amazing.  My mom is a role model to me and to so many others.  She has a HUGE HEART and has touched so many lives.  I'm SO proud to be my mother's daughter and only hope that I can show Birk and Addy the love ~ the faith ~ the friendship that I've been able to experience.

So, to my own special mother, WOOZIE ~~  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!  I love you.

Stay tuned for my next blog series!!  

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