Monday, May 14, 2012

What would we have done?

So for some reason tonight I thought it would be a good idea after we put the kids to bed to watch some videos on a website called or  I made my wonderful husband watch them with me ... and let me tell you we were both in tears.  Good tears, but tears none the less.  The first video is just inspirational.  It really reminded us of the near fatal episodes we've had with Birk (and some with Addy early on).  What would we have done with our Birky?  Without the baseball conversations, the love of "Yi", his sweet sensitive self.  What would we have done without the dancing princess that asks us questions about everything and has a true zest for life.  We just don't know and we thank God every day that he put us in the places he put us and allowed us the opportunity to keep these sweet babies here!!!

If you are so inclined, please watch this video (although, please grab your tissues). It is a strong beautiful testament to the power of love.  What a miracle that this little boy did what he did.  What a blessing to see the love in his parents (and siblings) eyes!!  Just take a moment to think about the blessings in your life!  What would you do without those miracles?  Do you open your eyes to see them?   Like this young boy who walks to his father.  A boy with CP, walks to his father as he returns from duty.  Can you even imagine what must have been going through his Dad's mind to witness this?  What a true blessing this little guy is.  Even though there is no connection to the story for us, it does allow Nick and I the chance to be thankful tonight.

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